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Stop hiding insurance rates!Medical debt

Health insurance companies are setting rates right now for next year. But while the feds know what rates the companies are seeking, you don’t have a clue. Tell them to release next year's pricing, so we can fight outrageous rate hikes before they go into effect!

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Where does your state stand on Medicaid Expansion?

Where does your state stand?

About half the states are using health reform to cover millions of uninsured, giving a break to local taxpayers and hospitals that had been paying for their care. But some states are refusing to cover very low-income people, even though money is available. See if your state did the right thing.

And if you are among those who buy their own insurance, or simply can't afford it, tell us about it. We want to make sure the law works for you.

Consumer Rebates

Refunds arrive!

Americans collected millions from insurance companies!

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, Americans got money back from their health insurance companies. And we have new rules designed to make sure companies spend your premium dollars mainly on medical care and not executive salaries, advertising, and administration.

We asked you to snap a quick photo of you and your refund, and tell us how that money would help. From your photos, we compiled this quick video to show lawmakers and state insurance commissioners that these checks mattered.

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