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Consumers Union Urges CA Department of Managed Care to Reject Aetna’s Proposed Rate Hike

Consumers Union submitted comments today urging  the CA Department of Managed Care to reject Aetna’s requested  9.9% increase over last year in the small group market.  Aetna has been posting record profits and an average return on surplus of about 26% – more than twice as high as a reasonable value.   Aetna’s requested rate Continue Reading

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Americans got checks from their health insurance companies!

You sent us pictures of your rebate checks and we made them into this video. Then thousands of you put the video in front of your state insurance commissioners and Congress to let them know that a check from your insurance company (and new rules to stop them from overcharging) matter a lot to you. Continue Reading

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Misinformation Alert: Does the health care law cut billions in benefits from Medicare?

Medicare is front and center these days in the misinformation war against the Affordable Care Act, so we’ve focused our ‘lie detector’ on claims about the law’s supposed $716 billion in benefit cuts to the popular health care program for seniors. The reality is, the Affordable Care Act actually SAVES about $716 billion in Medicare Continue Reading

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There they go again…now they’re lying about a new tax on home sales

You might have heard a scary rumor floating around over email saying that if you sell your home the health reform law charges a tax of 3.8% on the transaction. Like most of the rumors about the health care reform law this is an egregious distortion of the truth. In debunking the rumors, the National Continue Reading

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Consumers Tell Lawmakers “Don’t Void My Health Insurance Refund” as the House Prepares to Vote on Healthcare Repeal

Your refund check might be in jeopardy if health reform opponents get their way. Included as part of the Affordable Care Act, insurers have to send out refund checks if they spend too much money on overhead and excessive profits. Reports show that across the nation consumers will receive about $1.1 billion in total refunds Continue Reading

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Health insurance refunds – your questions answered

Recently, we posted our map listing insurance companies that may owe refunds to customers because they wasted too much money on overhead according to the new health care law.  But how do you know if you qualify for a refund?  What types of plans get what refunds?  And what if you are on public benefits?  Continue Reading

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HHS preserves September start date for new easy-to-read insurance summaries

Late last week, the Departments of Health & Human Services (HHS), Labor and Treasury released a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document on the Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC), the new, consumer friendly health insurance summary established by the Affordable Care Act. Consumers will see the SBC for the first time when they shop for Continue Reading

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New data confirms earlier estimates, over $1 billion in consumer insurance rebates coming soon

Today the Kaiser Family Foundation, a non-partisan group that covers health care issues, released a new report summarizing national and state level data of estimated insurance refunds coming soon for millions of Americans. The report shows that insurers will owe an estimated $1.3 billion in rebates by August 1, 2012 because insurers failed to spend Continue Reading

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Thanks to health reform law insurers are improving value, preparing for rebates

New rules that demand better value from health insurance companies are beginning to change business practices at some of the nation’s largest insurance companies and consumers will soon be due millions in rebates, according to data released early this month. Enacted as part of the Affordable Care Act, better known as the health reform law Continue Reading

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Healthcare law causing rates to drop in Texas

Our routine polling tells us that health insurance costs are among the biggest concerns for Americans and when it comes to healthcare reform, lower rates are at the top of the list of priorities for families.  New rules created by the Affordable Care Act, a.k.a. “Obamacare”, took dead aim at lowering rates and new evidence Continue Reading

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