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To stop spiraling health insurance rates, we urge state officials to review rate increases for reasonableness, disclose an insurer’s rate calculations, and give consumers a voice in the review process. Policyholders have saved millions in states with a strong rate review process. Use this information to push for a better rate review process in your own state.

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  • REPORT: Addressing Barriers to Online Applications: Can Public Enrollment Stations Increase Access to Health Coverage? (November 2011)

    This report looks at the use of public enrollment stations (sometimes known as “kiosks”) for helping people enroll in health coverage. Looking at pilot projects in a diverse set of states, including Alabama, California, Florida, Maryland, New Mexico and Washington, the paper summarizes the variety of ways agencies have facilitated public access to online enrollment. The paper identifies a number of important lessons learned from pilot projects, which will be important for those states moving forward to implement health care reform by 2014.

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