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Rate Review

  • Health Insurance Premium Review Grants: Detailed State by State Summary of Proposed Activities
    Source: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (Wednesday December 1, 2010)

    The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has awarded funds to enhance states’ current processes for reviewing health insurance premium increases. A list of States’ current health insurance rate review practices and a summary of their intended use of these new resources is below.

  • Spotlight on State Efforts to Make Health Insurance More Affordable
    Source: Kaiser Family Foundation (Wednesday December 1, 2010)

    The ACA [new federal health law] does not alter states’ existing regulatory authority over health insurance rates. Such state authority varies dramatically, ranging from states with no authority at all to those that have robust authority to review and approve or disapprove rates before they are implemented. The authors of this issue brief conducted a survey of 50 state rate review statutes, and then did follow up interviews with insurance regulators in a subset of ten states to gain a deeper understanding of how rate regulation works in practice.

  • The Price of Deregulation: How "File and Use" Has Undermined New York State's Ability to Protect Consumers From Excessive Health Insurance Premiums
    Source: New York State Department of Insurance (Tuesday June 9, 2009)

    New York’s Insurance Department examines what happened after the state lost its authority to pre-approve health insurer’s premium rate increases and shows why prior approval is an important tool in controlling rates.

Better Consumer Information

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  • REPORT: Building Mississippi's health insurance exchange
    Source: Center for Mississippi Health Policy (Sunday January 15, 2012)

    Mississippi is moving forward to establish a state-based Health Insurance Exchange by the HHS deadline of January 1, 2014. The Mississippi Insurance Department has applied for and received federal grants to fund the development of the state’s Exchange… Approximately 275,000 Mississippians are anticipated to enroll in coverage through an Exchange once the ACA is fully implemented in 2014. Out of those expected to utilize Mississippi’s Exchange, approximately 229,000 should be eligible for premium subsidies, which will be administered by the federal government in the form of tax credits.

  • Timeline of Health Reform Implementation

    The Kaiser Family Foundation provides this timeline that explains provisions of the Affordable Care Act and when they go into effect.

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