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Health insurance costs a lot. What drives that cost, and who gets all that money? New requirements make sure more of your insurance dollar is spent on care, but that’s not the only cost driver.

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  • What does a mother do? Organize!

    What does a mother do after her son dies? If she’s Leslie Boyd she starts an advocacy organization to push for changes that will help keep other mothers from experiencing the pain of losing a child due to a lack of health insurance.

  • Our activists speak out at President’s health care forums

    “I don’t mind working, I’ve worked for 50 years and I’ll work for many more,” Dave Penkava told an audience at the Greensboro regional health forum, one of five forums commissioned by the White House to hear from people across the country with a stake in reforming our health care system. He described how he’s been forced to work past retirement and Medicare eligibility age because his wife is a few years younger and has a chronic condition with severe pain.

  • White House goes on the road to hear heath care concerns

    Vermonters, joined by New Englanders from neighboring states, convened in Burlington, VT Tuesday to share their opinions on our health care system with the White House – and you can too in upcoming weeks if you live in (or near) Iowa, North Carolina or California.

  • Health care summit’s openness, inclusiveness, good sign that we may get real change

    Today’s health care summit at the White House was unique for what it wasn’t – it wasn’t a closed-door, back-room meeting between wheelers and dealers plotting out what Americans are going to get when it comes to their health care. It was an inclusive, open-door exchange of ideas where folks from across the health spectrum – doctors to insurance companies to politicians to patients – got a chance to talk about what they hope our health care system will become.

  • Here comes the opposition to health reform, right on cue and right back to scare tactics

    As leaders gather Thursday in the White House to flesh out proposals to get more Americans affordable health coverage, they’ll be greeted in part by a Bronx cheer – a new round of radio and TV ads aimed at defeating their work.

  • This week focuses on money for health reform; next week the details

    President Obama’s budget proposal today lays out how he will come up with the $634 billion over the next decade to begin getting all Americans much-need health coverage. And next week, he’ll gather health care experts and other stakeholders to begin laying out specific proposals for a health reform plan, with recommendations expected in 30 days.

  • Obama proposes to create $634 billion health fund

    The Washington Post this afternoon announced that tomorrow’s budget will include a $634 billion dollar 10-year fund to expand health care coverage.

  • Obama promises budget will include health care reform

    Last night, Obama firmly said we need health care reform within the year, and promised that Thursday’s budget will include some of the funding for it.

  • Realities of being underinsured — or without any coverage — trumps fear of change

    Fear of losing what we have. In America, that fear has kept us from fixing our broken health-care system. Opponents nurture that fear by arguing that if we insure more Americans, those of us already with coverage will be much worse off. But the respected National Academy of Sciences own Institute of Medicine (IOM) blew holes in that boogeyman with the release today of its latest report on the uninsured.

  • “Reasonable and Customary” – According to who?

    Elizabeth from New York City got wrapped up in the twisted world of usual, customary and reasonable charges when she decided to go out-of-network for better medical care. She planned to pay the $2,000 maximum out-of-pocket fee but ended up with a $12,000 bill finding herself in one of the many cracks of our broken health care system.

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