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Expanding Coverage

Starting in 2014, the health reform law expands coverage to ensure that all Americans have access to insurance through private or public options with help affording coverage for middle and low income families. But each state must act to ensure that these changes are put into place and some families aren’t left out.

Consumers Union Documents

  • Health Reform: 7 Things You Need to Know to be Ready

    Consumer Reports has developed this brief guide to help you understand how the changes brought about by health reform, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) of 2010, will affect you and your family as it is fully implemented in January 2014.

  • Been hearing a lot about Medicaid and health reform? Here’s why you should care

    Content excerpted from Health Reform: Seven Things You Need to Know Now, Consumer Reports. Medicaid is a joint federal- and state-funded program. Currently it provides health care for 60 million low-income Americans, mostly children, pregnant women, individuals with disabilities, and elderly people who need help at home or live in nursing homes. While state eligibility Continue Reading

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  • Getting Signed Up: Judith from Texas

    Judith works as a freelance writer in Weatherford, Texas. Through her part-time job she received catastrophic insurance, but it didn’t cover any preventive care and only covered a few thousand dollars a year in costs if a major illness or injury occurred. She decided to look into her options under the Affordable Care Act and Continue Reading

  • Getting Signed Up: Richie from North Carolina

    When Richie was laid off from his IT job four years ago, he lost more than just a regular paycheck – he also lost health insurance for his family. Richie’s former employer subsidized COBRA for a little while, but when the subsidies stopped, Richie’s health insurance status became uninsured. Like many Americans, he had a Continue Reading

  • Congratulations to Kentucky Equal Justice Center, winner of the 2014 Consumer Reports Excellence in Consumer Advocacy Award

    Consumers Union was proud to present the 2014 Consumer Reports Excellence in Consumer Advocacy Award to the Kentucky Equal Justice Center. Among their many consumer advocacy efforts, KJEC has done significant work to educate Kentucky consumers about their health coverage options under the Affordable Care Act. When Kentucky’s Governor was working to decide whether or not the state Continue Reading

  • Employers may face significant financial penalties in states that do not expand Medicaid

    Last month, Jackson Hewitt Tax Services issued a report foreshadowing significant financial penalties for employers in states that fail to expand coverage as allowed under the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). In the two dozen states that have yet to expand coverage, total employer penalties under the law are set to be dramatically higher than the other half Continue Reading

  • Getting signed up: Richard from California

    After graduation from college, Richard from Sacramento considered having health insurance a top priority. But on a tight budget, he couldn’t see an affordable way to get covered and went a year and a half uninsured. “I looked into private health insurance because it was worrisome to be without healthcare coverage. It was $150 a Continue Reading

  • Marketplace open enrollment continues until March 31

    Did you miss the December 23 open enrollment deadline to buy health insurance on the marketplace? Don’t worry - open enrollment continues until March 31, 2014 for people looking to get signed up for Obamacare this year. About 2 million Americans signed up for private health insurance through federal and state marketplaces before December 24, 2013. Coverage for these consumers Continue Reading

  • Getting Signed Up: Eric from Washington

    Time’s almost up for getting a new health insurance plan that will start on January 1, 2014. If you don’t get signed up by December 23, you’re insurance coverage won’t start on January 1. But you can still get signed up for coverage to start at a later date as long as you do so Continue Reading

  • Getting Signed Up: Michael from Illinois

    Michael Londo and his wife are proof that the wait is worth the reward when it comes to getting signed up for new health insurance coverage. Prior to starting their own business a couple of years ago, Michael had a job with health benefits that covered his pre-existing condition (he has had two brain injuries). Continue Reading

  • Getting signed up: Cecilia from Arizona

    Cecilia Laspisa is self-employed and a few years away from Medicare eligibility. Because she has osteoporosis and sometimes gets migraine headaches, many insurance companies would not cover her. The one insurer who would charged her almost $600/month for coverage. Cecilia paid the high rates because she believes that health insurance is important. After open enrollment Continue Reading

  • Getting Signed Up: Scott from Texas

    Texas resident Scott from Dallas has owned a successful small business for several years. During that time, he has always paid for an individual health policy and the prices have been increasing steadily every year. About six years ago, Scott was in a car accident that caused a herniated disk in his neck. Though the Continue Reading

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News Articles

  • Governors Fall Away in G.O.P. Opposition to More Medicaid
    Source: NY Times (Thursday February 21, 2013)

    Consumers Union story sharer Jean Vincent is featured in a NY Times article about expanding Medicaid in Florida and other states to cover low-income working adults.

  • Protesters in Texas demand Medicaid expansion
    Source: Associated Press (Tuesday March 5, 2013)

    DeAnn Friedholm, Director of Health Reform for Consumers Union, spoke to a rally at the Texas Capitol to push for expanding Medicaid to all low-income adults.