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Expanding Coverage

Starting in 2014, the health reform law expands coverage to ensure that all Americans have access to insurance through private or public options with help affording coverage for middle and low income families. But each state must act to ensure that these changes are put into place and some families aren’t left out.

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  • Governor Brown: Don’t make Californians choose between getting care and losing their homes

    Take action: Tell Governor Jerry Brown to sign SB1124.  Older Californians shouldn’t have to choose between getting health insurance and losing their homes – but that’s the choice I’m facing after finding out about California’s policy of recovering the assets of those over 55 on Medi-Cal after they die. I bought my home in San Continue Reading

  • Surprise! Your anesthesiologist is out-of-network

    Lisa N. from Santa Cruz, California, wrote to us sharing her medical bill-shock story from a recent pregnancy. When the time came, Lisa checked in to her local in-network hospital and used her in-network gynecologist and the approved in-network neonatologist. She hadn’t been planning on getting an epidural, but ended up needing one. “Did I Continue Reading

  • Barry knew his daughter’s ER visit might be expensive – but he wasn’t expecting a $55,000 bill

    When Barry’s daughter was in a car accident, she was rushed to the hospital by ambulance. He immediately went to the hospital to meet her. She had no broken bones and didn’t need any stitches, but Barry says the hospital staff insisted on her staying at the hospital for at least four hours while they Continue Reading

  • $2,000 for two bags of saline? One former nurse says something’s gotta give

    There’s a basic problem with the cost of medical care: when you really need help, you’re not exactly in a position to negotiate. Even the most well informed patients can fall victim to the system, as Sandra from Huntington Beach, Calif. recently discovered. As a retired operating room nurse of 30 years, Sandra,knows a thing Continue Reading

  • Obamacare affordability “glitch” hits home for New Jersey family

    We wrote recently about the “family glitch” where unsuspecting families get left out of new health insurance coverage options under Obamacare because of a flaw in how affordability is calculated. Jack’s family is one. As a full time casino dealer in New Jersey, Jack’s employer offers health insurance. His wife is a stay-at-home mom, taking care of Continue Reading

  • Legislation introduced to fix “family glitch” in Obamacare

    Obamacare has helped more than 8 million Americans get affordable health care coverage to date and introduced an array of new consumer protections like ending discrimination based on your health history. Attention is now shifting to remaining health reform issues like closing the coverage gap in states that didn’t expand Medicaid and bringing down the overall cost Continue Reading

  • It may not be too late to check out Obamacare

    It may seem hard to believe after such a poor start, but 8 million Americans have now signed up for insurance in the new Health Marketplaces — far surpassing the original goal of 7 million. Just as important, about 35 percent of new enrollees are under the age of 35 — a key factor since Continue Reading

  • Getting Signed Up: Judith from Texas

    Judith works as a freelance writer in Weatherford, Texas. Through her part-time job she received catastrophic insurance, but it didn’t cover any preventive care and only covered a few thousand dollars a year in costs if a major illness or injury occurred. She decided to look into her options under the Affordable Care Act and Continue Reading

  • Getting Signed Up: Richie from North Carolina

    When Richie was laid off from his IT job four years ago, he lost more than just a regular paycheck – he also lost health insurance for his family. Richie’s former employer subsidized COBRA for a little while, but when the subsidies stopped, Richie’s health insurance status became uninsured. Like many Americans, he had a Continue Reading

  • Congratulations to Kentucky Equal Justice Center, winner of the 2014 Consumer Reports Excellence in Consumer Advocacy Award

    Consumers Union was proud to present the 2014 Consumer Reports Excellence in Consumer Advocacy Award to the Kentucky Equal Justice Center. Among their many consumer advocacy efforts, KJEC has done significant work to educate Kentucky consumers about their health coverage options under the Affordable Care Act. When Kentucky’s Governor was working to decide whether or not the state Continue Reading

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  • Governors Fall Away in G.O.P. Opposition to More Medicaid
    Source: NY Times (Thursday February 21, 2013)

    Consumers Union story sharer Jean Vincent is featured in a NY Times article about expanding Medicaid in Florida and other states to cover low-income working adults.

  • Protesters in Texas demand Medicaid expansion
    Source: Associated Press (Tuesday March 5, 2013)

    DeAnn Friedholm, Director of Health Reform for Consumers Union, spoke to a rally at the Texas Capitol to push for expanding Medicaid to all low-income adults.